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Arnaud Lapierre - “Ring” installation in Place Vendôme, Paris

french designer arnaud lapierre has created ‘ring’, a series of mirrored cubes placed in a circular pattern in collaboration with AUDI. the vast amount of reflections and angles warps the perspective of the surrounding area. the optical effect creates a surreal environment in which both the structures and people are distorted and recreated, fracturing the usual relationship that individuals have with the piazza as well as themselves. overall, the installation measured 5500 x 4000 mm (216 x 157 inches).  

the ‘ring’ installation was on show at place vendôme, paris, at the 2011 foire internationale d’art contemporain (FIAC).

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Venom Tape Asplosion by Monika Grzymala

Made entirely from black tape in a completely white room, though all I could see was Venom exploding all over the place. That’s some nasty alien voms right there.

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by Jelle Martens

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